Christmas Presents: The Fun Face Jewellery Trend For Memorable Christmas Gifting

Certain trends come and go – some quicker to go, but the abstract face jewellery trend is similar to snakeskin or houndstooth print, it never really goes out of style.

From Picasso-esque companions for your ears in multiple colours, to silver or gold hardware silhouettes of a profile, face jewellery is currently having a moment.

So now’s the time to decorate your face (and neck) with accessories that resemble… your face.

This trend is not just a hipster one you’ll find at the back of Depop. Everyone from DIY Etsy sellers to luxury jewellery designers are creating face jewellery in numerous ways.

London based jewellery designer Aligieri creates a collection based on Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’; each piece is a translation of one of the poet’s 100 poems.

The Persisting Memories Charm Necklace is part of ‘The Lost Dreamer Collection’, where “the line between reality and dreaming is blurred”.

And if it’s not just jewellery which resembles one’s expression that’s available, a clean body outline can be added to join the shiny party. 
An independent jewellery designer based in Bristol, RAEHANA JAFFER creates handcrafted abstract earrings. Another one added to the Christmas wish list.

Or if you’re looking for something more simple, Mango have created earrings in silver and red or blue and gold.

Scroll down to see our picks of the face jewellery to adorn yourself in this season.

What’s jewellery for, if not to start a conversation?