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Toyota Will Make Every Car In Its Range Electric By 2025

Despite being responsible for the most famous hybrid car in history, the Prius, Toyota has been relatively quiet about its plans for going electric.Well now the world’s second-largest car manufacturer has announced that by 2025, every car it make…

Man Converts Toyota Prius into Motor Home

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Toyota Prius Motor Home

It’s Friday, so we figured it’s time for a little humour. James Lawler, a Landscaper from Torquay Australia, has built himself a mini-motorhome atop his Toyota Prius Hybrid. The project took just over a week to complete using scrap materials, and ended up costing him just under $150. What inspired this project? Lawler says “There’s […]

Green Cars in 2015 (Infographic)

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Green Cars

Considering a green car? These days it makes a lot of sense but there are so many options; electric, hybrid, hydrogen and even solar. One day soon we’ll all be driving one, so how do we choose? And if we don’t have a green car, what can you we do to help the environment in […]