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Trump Goes Off On The Weirdest Tangent In Rambling Fox News Call

Donald Trump called into Fox News on Wednesday night, and the former president immediately launched into a rambling montage of his rally talking points from the past.

And in one of the strangest moments of the interview, Trump revived his grievances against windmills, this time claiming they “kill everything.”  

Trump as president repeatedly griped about windmills, at one point even claiming – falsely – that they cause cancer.

In reality, his main problem with wind turbines is that he thought an offshore wind farm would ruin the view from his golf resort in Scotland and sued to stop it from being built. He lost, the turbines were constructed, and he’s held a grudge ever since. 

On Wednesday, he went even further with his latest tilt at windmills. 

“They’re making windmills all over the place, to ruin our land and kill our birds,” he said. Then, he upped the ante by adding: “To kill everything.”

That line just about slayed his critics on Twitter: 

The Eiffel Tower Installs Two Wind Turbines

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The 126 year old Eiffel Tower is going green! A pair of camouflaged VisionAIR5 wind turbines were installed inside the scaffolding on the second floor, and are expected to generate 10,000 kilowatt hours of electricity every year. That’s enough to power the tower’s entire first floor; including history exhibits, a souvenir shop and restaurants. The […]

Possible Dual Rotor Technology for Wind Turbines

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Dual Rotor Wind Turbine

Iowa State Aerospace Engineers Anupam Sharma and Hui Hu are exploring the possibility of adding a smaller, secondary rotor to wind turbines. The engineers studied the base of existing turbines and found two major problems. First, they are big round structural pieces that don’t harvest any wind energy because they are not shaped like an […]

Meet the Makani Energy Kite

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Makani Energy Kite

Back in 2013 Google purchased a company called Makani, creators of the Energy Kite. Their goal is to make wind energy pricing competitive with fossil fuels, and they believe a new approach is needed. The Energy Kite is a new type of wind turbine, designed to generate more energy using 90% less materials. “Makani’s energy […]

The Lateral Axis Wind Turbine

Energy Inventions | Wind Power | Wind TurbinesSri Lankan inventor Leelananda Jayasuriya just sent us this concept for a Lateral Axis Wind Turbine. The turbine functions just like a Ferris Wheel, with the blades orbiting in an epicyclical path around th…