‘Coronation Street’: Carla Connor Return Details Revealed Ahead Of Christmas Episodes

‘Coronation Street’ bosses have revealed what fans can expect from Carla Connor’s return to Weatherfield, which is set to take place this Christmas.

After a year and a half away, Alison King’s ‘Corrie’ character will arrive back on t’cobbles when Aidan Connor asks for help with the factory.

Despite initially saying no, Carla makes a surprise return on Christmas Day, much to the delight of her family and friends.

And while Carla has been enjoying her time away from the Street, it soon becomes clear that she’s come back with a secret.

Teasing the storyline, Alison King said: “She is at a stage where she is starting to think about life and family, her secret is making her take stock.

“In the past two years she has acquired a family that she didn’t know she had.

“Prior to that she was a bit of a lone wolf, she had people like Michelle around her but suddenly she had a family that she does really care about, they mean a lot to her.”

Of course, not everyone will be happy to see Carla back. Yes, we mean Tracy Barlow.

“There is a great scene in the pub when Carla has her back to Tracy so she doesn’t see her but she hears her voice and she makes a classic Tracy remark and Carla gives her a great one line repost and walks off,” Alison said. “Carla has no desire to revisit that old rivalry, she doesn’t have the time for it anymore.”

Alison’s return was confirmed by soap bosses back in August, with producer Kate Oates stating that she wanted to “break new ground” with the character.

“I didn’t want to put her on that familiar cycle of self-destruction, recovery, followed by more self-destruction,” she said. “What we’ll have instead are these two strong Connor women – Carla and Michelle – on opposing sides and in conflict for a change.”

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