Alison Hammond’s ‘This Morning’ Coverage Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s First Royal Visit Was As Hilarious And Chaotic As You’d Expect

If you thought Kay Burley was the queen of royal coverage – think again.

Alison Hammond has dethroned the Sky News host, after providing hilarious commentary of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first public engagement on Friday (1 December).

The couple were in Nottingham to visit a World Aids Day charity fair, hosted by the Terrence Higgins Trust, after announcing they were to wed earlier this week.

And after Alison became an internet sensation with her Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling interview, there was only one person ‘This Morning’ was going to send to cover the event.

The former ‘Big Brother’ star caused chaos in the media run as she tried to catch Harry’s attention for a chat.

But as she kept shouting for him to come over, Harry swerved her and skipped along the row of people waiting to speak to him and Meghan.

@AlisonHammond2 #HarryAndMeghan #AlisonHammond #RoyalVisit
However, Alison is never one to be deterred, and then made it her mission to talk to Meghan instead.

Enlisting those around her to help call her over, Alison then barged her way through the crowd, as the poor camera man struggled to keep up with her.

But her efforts paid off, as she managed to stick a microphone in front of the soon-to-be royal to send her many congratulations from all of those on the ITV daytime show.

Alison was elated with her success, high-fiving those around her, while back in the studio, presenter Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes couldn’t quite believe what had just happened.

Neither could some fans:

My morning has actual been made by @thismorning ? Alison Hammond doing her best to grab an interview with the newly engaged Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is the best TV I’ve seen in a while ?

December 1, 2017
Alison Hammond on this morning shouting megs is absolutely hilarious #royalwalkabout
Dyyyyyying at Alison Hammond’s coverage on #this morning Prince Harry swerved her so hard ?
#ThisMorning Alison Hammond what a star today that’s how to try and get a interview ?
Harry ..harry HARRY!! #SWERVE Megs babe, megs, MEEGGSS! ????????? @AlisonHammond2 God I love you Alison!! ! #ThisMorning
Alison Hammond’s excitement over Harry and Meghan is so cute I’m dying ? #ThisMorning
Despite the hilarity unfolding on screen, the segment split viewers on Twitter, as some claimed it was disrespectful.  
#thismorning Alison Hammond should be sacked she is not a professional and Ruth for egging her on Disrespectful and totally wrong. They are Royals shut up Allison

December 1, 2017
Iunderstand tounge in cheek but Alison Hammond was a MASSIVE EMBARRASSMENT to THIS Morning screaming like a bloody disgrace telling people to get out of my way not helped This Morning get a interview with Harry in the future she’s great with celebrities DISRESPECTFUL to royalty

December 1, 2017
Alison Hammond is an absolute embarrassment. What the hell is she doing? Harry & Megs? Grow the fuck up love. #ThisMorning
I’m not a royalist but I think it’s disrespectful for Alison Hammond to be shouting ‘Megs’ like a fishwife at the soon to be royal. @thismorning #ThisMorning

December 1, 2017
@thismorning I love Alison Hammond but there’s a time and a place for her banter,Prince Harry and Megan’s first royal outing was not it! I was cringing at the telly when she was shouting “megs” so disrespectful! Why did the big wigs in the studio not shut her up? Embarrassing ?

December 1, 2017
#ThisMorning i can’t help but find @AlisonHammond2 shouting and screaming at ‘harry’ then ‘megs’ cringeworthy and a tad disrespectful.
Normally find @AlisonHammond2 hilarious! But I think she and @thismorning should be embarrassed and ashamed after that performance!! Have some respect and manners! ???

December 1, 2017