Want To Feel Old? Watch This Girl Try To Use A Game Boy

It’s no secret that technology is evolving rapidly, but there is nothing like a stark reality check every now and then to remind us just how quickly that is.

For most of us – who can remember the days when connecting to the internet required a 20-minute dial up session – the Game Boy Colour console was an iconic piece of tech.

But with the arrival of the iPhone and iPads, it seems children today aren’t quite as easily impressed.

This is after an Imgur user shared a video of his daughter trying (and obviously failing) to use the ‘touchscreen’ on a Nintendo Game Boy Colour.

Father Chris Cohoon, wrote on Reddit: ”[This is] my daughter attempting to play a Game Boy Color in the age of touchscreen interfaces.”

Baffled by why the portable device isn’t responding to her when she puts her fingers across the screen, she fails to notice the joystick and ‘A’ ‘B’ controls just below.

Commenters have been quick to say just how old the video makes them feel.

MightyIink said: “Everyone feeling old? Just checking.”

“There’s no way she’s serious, I’m probably getting overly mad about this but the buttons are right there, does she think they’re fake,” said ChefMIKErowave.

Chudley645  said: “That’s what happens when people let iPads babysit their kids from birth…”

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The first iteration of the Game Boy to arrive in the UK was in 1990, before the Game Boy Colour (as pictured in the video) arrived in November 1998.

The original gaming console was an immediate success when it was launched, and went on to sell 118.69 million units.

It was also redesigned in 1996 and 1998 as the Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Light (in Japan).

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