This Weird Gadget Can Brush Your Teeth In 10 Seconds

Ever worried that you’re watching your life slip away before your eyes as you spit into the sink for the second time that day? Yeah, us neither.

But the creators of the world’s first totally automated toothbrush are worried that we could all be doing something far more productive with the time that we’re dedicating to oral hygiene.

They claim that we are all wasting a fairly mammoth 108 whole days of our whole lives just brushing our teeth – no wonder we still haven’t had time to learn how to play the violin.

So for the benefit of everyone they’ve spent three years devising a “revolutionary” new brush that will see us all cut our toothbrushing routine from the recommended 180 seconds to just ten seconds.

The patent pending ‘Amabrush’ doesn’t require you to do anything, you just press a single button, pop it in your mouth, wait ten seconds and hey presto you’ve got “perfectly” pearly white gnashers.

Although you will obviously have to lock yourself in the bathroom so your partner doesn’t see and dump you on the spot. 

Essentially Amabrush is a fancy gum shield covered in antibacterial silicone bristles at 45 degree angles and works by vibrating around your whole mouth simultaneously,

This means that you get an even clean without having to move the brush around by hand.  

Subtle vibrations, made by the electrical attachment that sits outside of your mouth, move the bristles back-and-forth, removing plaque.

And fancy micro-channels funnel the toothpaste right to the back of your mouth to make sure you don’t miss anywhere.

You can even choose different vibration modes, gum massage, whitening mode, burst mode, and ask it to brush for longer if you’ve got a spare minute to keep enjoying that gum massage.

Promising to kill 99.9% of the bacteria in your mouth, it isn’t trying to produce “better” results than your regular toothbrush, it is just meant to make the whole process less taxing.

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While we’re pretty on board with the idea, we’re still not sure about the added ‘sharing’ functionality that means you can share your Amabrush with friends and family.

As the mouthpiece is only attached with magnets to the electrical component, you can detach it and switch with someone else’s gum shield, who you don’t mind potentially sharing saliva with. Nope, nope, nope. 

But it seems we are alone in our prudishness as the Kickstarter campaign has already received almost a million Euros of funding with 23 days to go.

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