Panasonic’s New Hanger Can Remove Bad Odours From Clothes

Washing is such a chore isn’t it.

This is made even worse when you’re forced to wash something even though it’s perfectly clean but just happens to smell of the 6000 cigarettes that were being smoked in the pub you were in last night.

Well Panasonic Japan have released something pretty game-changing, a hanger that will actually remove the smell from your jackets and shirts.

This quirky gadget is called the Deodorant Hanger MS and it works by releasing nano-sized negatively charged particles into the air around the garment.

The particles then collect moisture from the air around them thus removing the odour attached to the item of clothing.

Panasonic’s press release claims that once having hung said item up it will remove the smell within just five hours.

Cigarette smoke, BBQs and grilled meat smells can all be eliminated depending on how long you leave the garment hung up for.

Theres even a special clothes bag you can wrap it in which speeds up the process and improves it.

While it’s quite clearly one of the weirder gadgets we’ve ever seen it’s actually one that could be incredibly useful.

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Suit jackets and jackets in general are all items that are generally worn more than once, yet all it takes is one particularly long night in a bar or pub where everyone’s smoking and it’s effectively ruined.

With Panasonic’s hanger though you’d just need to hang it up before you went to bed and then the next day it would smell considerably more fresh than you probably felt.

So here’s the bad news, there’s absolutely no word on whether it’s being launched in the UK or indeed Europe for that matter. Hopefully with enough interest in it though Panasonic might reconsider.

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