Facebook Messenger Adds New Couples Features For Valentine’s Day

In honour of Valentines Day, Facebook has added some brand-new features to Messenger that are exclusively available to couples.

The social network unveiled four new features that are only available to you if you’re officially marked as being in a relationship with someone on Facebook.

Whether or not you agree with Facebook’s view that, “Valentine’s Day may be a perfect time to finally make it ‘FB official’” here are the new features:

1. Raining Hearts

The moment you both confirm you’re in a relationship Messenger will open a conversation screen with your partner and the screen will be filled with a heart shower.

2. Custom Emoji

To help you spread your newly embraced feeling of love and happiness Messenger will then switch your custom emoji to by default.

3. Personalised Chat Window

Messenger will also ask if you want to personalise the chat box with your partner letting you create a custom font, text colour and emoji for the chat.

4. Priority Chat

Finally, Messenger will automatically put your loved one to the top of the list in your Active Chats window so you’ll always have fast access.

While some of us might think this is just Facebook’s way of being sweet, there’s absolutely no denying that it is once again trying to elevate the social status that comes with being ‘officially’ in a relationship on the social network.

It’s somewhat fitting that Facebook’s latest venture to engage younger users comes just days after a report was published which predicted that almost 700,000 young people would leave the social network in 2018.

With reports suggesting that Facebook is currently only bringing in older users, it will no doubt be on a charm offensive to try and convince younger users to move back from rivals such as Snapchat and Instagram.