Thundersnow Forecast By Met Office As Cold Front Sweeps East

A cold weather front passing from the West to the East of the UK could bring thundersnow to Scotland and the North East today.

This low pressure system will bring with it strong blustery winds and heavy rains, falling as snow and possibly thundersnow over higher ground.

This rare weather phenomenon is caused in the same way thunder and lightning are triggered during the warmer months, when a pocket of warm air at ground level rises and collides with the colder air above it.

Even if temperatures are freezing or in the minus figures, the air above it is significantly cooler. In the summer months this process creates heavy rain showers and lightning storms. In the cooler winter months, the country is pelted with snow instead.

Met Office spokesman Nicola Maxey said: “Once the front comes through we have showers behind it and there is a risk we may see some thundersnow.”

Yellow snow warnings are already in place for high ground over the Pennines and Cheviots, the Southern Uplands, and parts of the Southern and Western Highlands until the afternoon.

Up to 5cm of snow could fall in these areas, with Newcastle also in for a dusting as the weather system passes through.

Overall the country will experiencing a blustery, grey day, with the wind chill factor making it feel much colder than it is.

Highs of 7C are expected in London, climbing to 10C in Exeter. Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester will see the mercury hover between 5/6, while in Leeds it will creep to 3/4C.

Overnight it will be mild and above freezing in the southern half of the UK, though Scotland will struggle to get above freezing.

Snow and ice warnings will remain in place for Western Scotland from midnight for 24 hours and another for Northern Ireland until 10am tomorrow.