Astonishing Slow-Mo Video Captures What Happens Inside A Firework

Fireworks are easily taken for granted when you think about it.

Every year we go out buy them stick them in the mud and then just light them, letting the firework do the rest.

Never once do we ask how they actually produce the incredible colours and shapes that we’ve come to love.

Well one YouTuber has decided to take a glimpse inside a firework and capture the moment when it ignites revealing exactly what happens beneath all that packaging.

Darren Dyk, who runs the YouTube channel BeyondSlowMotion, teamed up with his friend and fellow YouTuber Ben Cusick to create an experiment where they could safely watch what happens.

By placing a cutaway of the firework against a piece of glass they were able to capture the whole astonishing process from the moment the timer catches light to the explosion itself.

Capturing the whole process at 3200fps you get a sense of just how many different components need to work correctly for the firework to launch as you would expect.

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