Where To Watch The Grammys 2018 On UK TV And Online

The Grammys are unquestionably the biggest night in music, with fans from all genres tuning in every year hoping their faves will have had their work recognised by the Music Academy.

This year’s ceremony takes place on Sunday (28 January) night at Madison Square Garden, meaning the stars will be taking to their seats right around the time that here in the UK, most of us are more likely to be taking to their beds.

Unsurprisingly, this is a cause of much frustration for British music fans hoping they can follow along at home.

Here’s our solution to anyone’s Grammy-related woes…

First off, how can we watch the red carpet coverage?

As always, E! will be broadcasting their coverage from the red carpet live here in the UK, with Giuliana Rancic and Ryan Seacrest chatting to the nominees and star guests as they make their way into the auditorium.

Mind you, this isn’t one for anyone with an early alarm set, as it won’t begin until 11pm and wraps up at around 1am.

And what about the main show?

For the past few years, the show has been broadcast on 4Music the night after it’s shown on CBS out in the US, and fortunately this year is no exception.

If you can hang on until the night after it’s shown on CBS in the States, you can tune in at 7pm on Monday 29 January to see host James Corden and a host of musical stars take to the stage.

Regrettably there’s no way of watching live (unless you find a dodgy illegal stream, of course, which would be very wrong and not something we condone), but we will be tweeting along with the action from the ceremony on our Twitter page, for anyone wanting to be kept up to date on the night.