‘Celebrity Big Brother’: YouTuber Ally Law Claims He Was Detained ‘For 20 Hours’ Following Break-In

YouTuber Ally Law has claimed that he was detained for 20 hours after breaking into the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house on Friday (26 January), only to be removed by the police.

Over the weekend, Ally and fellow *sigh* “prankster” Ryan Taylor managed to sneak their way into the ‘CBB’ residence for the second time in a week as part of a stunt for their online following.

A ‘CBB’ spokesperson said the following morning: “Two intruders attempted to enter the Big Brother house on Friday night. They were apprehended by security in the garden. Police were in attendance and removed them from site.”

<strong>Ally and Ryan on Friday (26 January)</strong>

Speaking about what happened next, Ally tweeted on Saturday night (27 January): “We’re free!! Me [and Ryan] just spent 20 hours in a cell. Last night was a fucking MADNESS!!!”

He later added: “Guys, can’t release any footage atm. We’ve been put on bail under some [bullshit] circumstances.

“The police are corrupt as hell buuuut we’ll get this footage out to you ASAP, I’m working on it. It’s fucking golden.”

HuffPost UK has reached out to Hertfordshire Police for further comment.

The two managed to make their way into the garden during the most recent live eviction, with many housemates visibly shocked as Dapper Laughs prepared to say goodbye to the rest of the contestants.

While Jess Impiazzi admitted she was “scared” to see unfamiliar figures in the garden, Wayne Sleep attempted to alert producers to the break-in through his microphone.

Presenter Emma Willis eventually assured ‘CBB’ viewers: “We have to say, people watching may have seen somebody get into the garden, you may have heard Wayne mention it.

“Just so you know, everybody’s fine. They didn’t get into the house, and everything is under control.”