Tech Hunters: Time Travelling Back To Apple’s Early Days

Apple’s astonishing rise looked almost inevitable when you consider products like the iPhone and iPod.

They both represented meteoric changes in the way we interacted with technology moving from the keyboard and mouse to the touchscreen and click wheel.

Personal computing was suddenly portable, easy to use, admittedly expensive but above all, it was really cool.

To find out how Apple went from a garage to a giant UFO that can hold 12,000 people Tech Hunters’ Julia Hardy explores the early days of Apple.

Computers of the past had never really been seen as cool, they were for specialists with more money than sense and vast corporations. Games consoles were the only real implementation of technology in a way that was as pleasing to the eye as it was to the brain.

Apple helped changed all of that through their relentless work on a piece of software called the Graphical User Interface. A GUI turns all those 1s and 0s into windows, folders, boxes and desktops in fact everything your eyes are looking at right now is thanks to a GUI.

While Apple certainly weren’t the only ones working on this they were relentlessly encouraged by Apple’s founder Steve Jobs to make them actually enjoyable to use.

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