Waning Energy Levels? This Playlist Will Give Your Workout A Much-Needed Boost

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Courtney Fearon, also known as The HIITMan on Instagram, is a personal trainer and instructor at Antony Joshua’s London boxing gym, BXR.

After falling in love with Track and Field at school, he pursued it professionally until aged 19 “injury and excuses stopped that train”. After dabbling in various careers, he started coaching seven years ago.

The Nike trainer has been hailed for his music choices by trainer Kim Ngo, who kicked off our ‘Gym Buddies: Upbeat’ playlist earlier this month, so we asked him to contribute a handful of his favourite workout tracks.

Not only does Courtney use these songs to motivate his classes, but also to work out himself.

“Music can be the motivation for that last rep or set it can get you to move a little faster and can even distract you from the gruelling workout itself,” he said.

“It’s so good watching people connect with one another without necessarily knowing via music. People smile, sing along, nod their heads or even a little shimmy here and there.”

Speaking of his selection, he said: “These are just a handful of the songs I love dropping in classes and when I’m working out. I love watching peoples energy levels rise when that beat drops or a certain lyric is said.”