Guy Shows How Romance Is Done With Flowers And Greggs Pasty In Arrivals

Ladies and gents, romance isn’t dead. Well, not according to Laura Myers.

Laura, who lives in Yorkshire, recently witnessed the ultimate act of love and devotion at Manchester airport – and she felt compelled to share it.

Taking to Twitter, Laura described how she’d clocked a guy at the airport clutching a bouquet of flowers while presumably waiting for someone he loved.

In the other hand, however, was the real gift: a Greggs pasty.

“And that, lads, is how it’s done,” Myers tweeted. She later added that she believed the pasty was for the person he was waiting for, and not for himself, because “the top of the bag was gently folded and ready to be presented”.

People were impressed by the gesture – including staff at Manchester Airport.

Sadly Greggs confirmed on Twitter that it has no plans, as of yet, to make a flower and pasty meal deal. We can only hope that one day this becomes a reality.