Theresa May P45 Prankster Simon Brodkin Reveals Surprising Police Reaction To Famous Stunt

Simon Brokin made headlines around the world last year, when he famously handed Theresa May a P45 during her speech at the Conservative Party Conference. 

Now, the prankster has now revealed he had a rather surprising reaction from a police officer after the stunt.

Speaking to HuffPost UK on an episode of ‘BUILD’, Simon detailed the aftermath, which saw him whisked off to a police incident room after being pursued by a frenzied bunch of journalists.

<strong>Simon Brodkin famously handed Theresa May a P45 last year</strong>

Admitting he was initially on a high, Simon explained: “They slammed the door and the buzz of these journalists stopped and then it got very serious.

“The police there aren’t the police who were in the room – they’re the incident guys. They’re confused as to what’s going on, so they take it all very seriously. 

“I’m stood there surrounded by five armed officers, and one of them leans into me and goes, ‘I’m a big fan of your work, mate. I think you might have gone too far this time’.”

However, he had a shock when he was arrested and taken to a Manchester police station in the back of a van, as it transpired that another officer was also a fan. 

Simon recalled: “I wasn’t exactly sure of the vibe as to how serious it was, but as we started pulling away, the first thing they did was go, ′Are you alright back there?′, and that means they’re on your side to a certain degree.

“I then made a joke about feeling like I was on a stag do and they all laughed.”

He continued: “We got to the police station and I was being checked in, and a lady came along to the officer behind the desk, had a little word, he then looked up and said, ′You’re free to go, mate. And by the way, that was very funny’.”

He added: “In general, I have to big up the police because they’ve always treated me super well and they’ve always known who I am and been more than fair with me.”

<strong>Simon Brodkin made an appearance on 'BUILD'</strong>

Simon also revealed he wasn’t held on serious charges as he’d actually obtained a pass to the party conference completely legitimately, by registering on the website under his real name. 

“I did that on purpose because I knew if you get close to the prime minister with false details, you’re probably going to have to take a bit of a rap for that,” he explained. 

“I want to always show – and I mean this – that I didn’t mean anyone any harm and I don’t want anyone to feel threatened. It wasn’t a danger to anyone, it was a joke.”

Simon was also responsible for a prank on Donald Trump in 2016, which saw him throw Swastika-emblazoned golf balls at the then Republican presidential candidate as he opened a golf course in Scotland. 

<strong>Simon famously also pranked Trump in 2016</strong>

“On that one, I was probably less worried about the repercussions because I was more worried about whether I would get the opportunity,” he admitted. 

“He looked upon me and said, ‘Get him out!’, and secret service, the CIA and security services marched me out. He is a bit of a frightening figure.”

Turning his attention to who is next on his hit list, Simon joked: “I think Kim Jong-Un is my next one. I hear apparently the legal system out there, I have nothing to worry about. They’re a very fair bunch.”

Watch the full interview with Simon in the video below…