Mexico’s Mobile Shelter For Dogs (And One Pig)

A unique Mexican shelter for dogs – and one pig – is struggling to get back on its feet after Mexico’s devastating September 19th earthquake.

The shelter, run by Jair Benavides and his wife Miriam Gutierrez de Velasco, currently have about 20 dogs. 

When the quake shook Mexico’s capital it severely damaged the five-story building next to the couple’s row house.

They had to get out quickly, and are now living in a crowded garage belonging to a neighbour.

Jair and Miriam have continued caring for their canine charges despite these challenges. But finding a temporary home while they wait to go back to their own is not an easy task when you are a family of two with a dozen dogs and a little pig.

The whole pack is quite a sight to see when they go to nearby parks for walks in a patched-up old VW microbus.

Miriam estimates she has rescued and placed in adoption upward of 2,000 dogs over the last couple of decades.