Peter Andre Films His Youngest Son Theo Taking His First Steps

Peter Andre shared a video of his youngest son Theo taking his first steps.

The clip showed Andre’s 10-year-old daughter Princess encouraging her younger brother to walk towards her.

As one-year-old Theo took several steps, he giggled with excitement and was met with praise from everyone else in the room. 

“Special moment yesterday,” Andre wrote on 22 January. “Theo’s first steps.”

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Parents commenting on the video could relate to what a special moment it was for the celebrity dad and also commended Princess for her encouraging effort.

“Aww, adorable, love the fact Princess is getting involved,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “What a special moment. Lovely to have such a caring big sister. Well done Theodore and well done Princess.”

Andre, who is also dad to Amelia, three, and Junior, 12, doesn’t share photos of his two younger kids’ faces on social media, due to the wishes of his wife Emily Andrea.