How Long Should My Baby Sleep For At Night?

When your baby wakes for the sixth time in one night, you may find yourself thinking: this can’t be normal.

If you are concerned that your baby is not getting enough sleep you’ll be relieved to know that when it comes to baby sleep, there is no “normal”.

Babies don’t abide to any schedule and there are no rules around how much sleep an individual baby will need at night, according to paediatrician Dr Keir Shiels.

In the video above Shiels explains why babies are more likely to be awake at night than they are in the day (but don’t worry this won’t last forever), and why there is one occasion when you should wake a sleeping baby.

Baby 101’ is HuffPost UK’s parenting video series with paediatrician, Dr Keir Shiels, addressing topics mums and dads may face in their first year of being a parent. From colic to trapped wind, crying babies and their nappy contents, he answers some of the most common questions new parents have.