5 Exfoliating Toners To Boost Your Glow This Winter

The weather is grey and it looks like our skin is mimicking the skies.

Everyone is trying to get a glowing complexion and Glossier’s new ‘Solution’ launched to fan fare as it claims to do just this, by exfoliating the skin without any rough scrubbing or polluting microbeads.

But Glossier are not the first beauty brand to dabble in liquid exfoliants (also known as exfoliating toners).

Taken from South Korean beauty, liquid exfoliators (ie. toners which remove dead skin cells that block block pores and fine lines), contain either alpha hydroxy acids to exfoliate the skin’s surface and/or beta hydroxy acids to unclog pores.

Glossier’s Solution contains both, plus Polyhydroxy Acid, which they claim “increases potency while keeping the formula gentle on skin”.

Liquid exfoliants are made for the modern working lifestyle where a ten-minute “radiance boosting” mask may take too long.

Here are a few which won’t break the bank: