Pamela Anderson Slams Piers Morgan For Reducing Her To ‘Body Parts And Men’ In ‘Life Stories’ Interview

Pamela Anderson and Piers Morgan are at loggerheads over her upcoming appearance on ‘Life Stories’.

The former ‘Baywatch’ star is the latest guest to sit down for an interview on Piers with the notoriously tear-jerking talk show, where she opened up about her career and life in the public eye.

However, in a blog published on her official website, Pamela claimed her upcoming three-hour interview was edited down to 37 minutes of what she felt was reduced to “my body parts and men”.

<strong>Pamela Anderson</strong>

She wrote that her friend, Joseph Farrell of WikiLeaks, was interviewed, his answers were wittled down to “very little” writing: I felt [that] set the tone – [the interview] might not get in depth at all.

“But it’s ITV – Piers is notorious for trying to make everyone happy with a twist of tabloid journalism.

“He knows his audience. – I just wish differently. Times are changing. People are more aware than ever.”

<strong>Piers Morgan</strong>

Hitting back at Pamela’s claims in an interview with the Daily Express, Piers said: We filmed two months ago and it’s a fantastic show.

“She hasn’t seen the final edit and it’s a very fair and balanced portrait of her entire life.”

He added: “As for her body parts, Miss Anderson’s social media posts regularly feature a celebration of just her world-famous body parts, so I am surprised she would take exception to me discussing them.”

Earlier in this series of ‘Life Stories’, Piers sat down with Caitlyn Jenner, during which the Olympian-turned-reality-star gave him a talking to over the “disrespectful” way he spoke about transgender people.