Woody Allen’s Daughter Dylan Farrow Gives First TV Interview To Discuss Sexual Abuse Claims Against Father

Dylan Farrow has given her first TV interview to talk about the alleged sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of Woody Allen.

The director’s adopted daughter appeared on CBS This Morning on Wednesday and said she was “hurt and angry” after “years of being ignored, disbelieved and tossed aside”.

The 32-year-old has repeatedly accused the American filmmaker of molesting her when she was seven years old – claims the director has always denied.

She said: “Why shouldn’t I want to bring him down? Why shouldn’t I be angry? Why shouldn’t I be hurt?

“Why shouldn’t I feel some sort of outrage… after all these years of being ignored, disbelieved and tossed aside?”

The aired excerpt was a preview of a longer interview, which will be televised in the US today (Thursday 18 Jan).

Dylan also discussed why she has decided to do a television interview now.

“All I can do is speak my truth and hope – hope that somebody will believe me rather than just hearing,” she said.

The director was investigated over a 1992 claim by his daughter that he sexually assaulted her at the family’s Connecticut home.

Prosecutors did not charge him over the allegations, which he claims had been fabricated by his former partner Mia Farrow.

In 2014, Dylan Farrow wrote an open letter alleging she had been molested by Allen – but he responded to the claims calling them “untrue and disgraceful”.

Ahead of last week’s Golden Globes award ceremony, Dylan reiterated her claims in a series of tweets where she labelled Allen a “predator”.

A number of actors have recently distanced themselves from the director.

They include ‘Call me By Your Name’ star Timothee Chalamet, who announced this week that he will give his salary for appearing in Allen’s next film, ‘A Rainy Day in New York’, to charity, insisting he didn’t “want to profit from my work on the film.”

His co-star, Rebecca Hall also said she “regretted” her decision to appear in the film and donated her salary to charity too.