15 Things You Only Know If You’re Obsessed With Nut Butter

It’s finally happened, 2018 is the year where peanut butter is set to overtake jam as Britain’s’ favourite breakfast spread, according to new research.

In what has been described as part of a backlash against sugary foods, and the humble nut butter being acknowledged as a healthier alternative (apart from if you eat and entire tub, obvs), it is finally time for everyone else to realise what we’ve known all along: nut butter is the answer to all the world’s problems.

Here are 15 things you’ll only have experienced if you’re absolutely obsessed with the stuff.

1. Eating your way through a whole jar every week.

2. Failing to comprehend how it could actually last anyone more than a couple of servings. 
3. Going to the gym just as an excuse to fuel on nut butter. 
4. Praying no dietician ever says it is actually unhealthy. 
5. Hearing yourself tell people ‘but it is good fat’. 
6. Participating in the smooth vs. crunchy debate like your life depends on it.
7. Praising the genius who decided any nut will do – cashew, almond, coconut. 
8. Finding a way to pair it with every food group. 
9. Being unable to eat a snack without dipping it in nut butter. 
10. Learning to make more recipes so you never run out at home.
11. Spooning it straight out of the jar when you think no one is watching. 
12. Finding mini sachets in every pocket and bag you own. 
13. Feeling the shame when your colleagues find a crusty butter spoon on your desk. 
14. Secretly enjoying the claggy feeling on the roof of your mouth. 
15. Pitying the life of someone with a nut allergy.