Matt Damon Expresses Regret Over Sexual Harassment Comments: ‘I Should Close My Mouth For A While’

Matt Damon has admitted his regret over comments he made in relation to the #MeToo movement.

The actor has taken heat on a number of occasions recently, after responding to the slew of sexual abuse allegations made against several key figures in Hollywood.

First, Matt faced a backlash on social media when he suggested there was a “spectrum” when it came to sexual harassment, admitting he was concerned the issue was becoming “conflated”.

Less than a week later, he rubbed people up the wrong way yet again, this time when he claimed men “who don’t do this kind of thing” were not being “talked about”.

Addressing his various faux pas on the subject, Matt has now admitted it may be time for him to “close his mouth”.

Well… we didn’t say it.

Speaking on Tuesday’s (16 January) ‘Today’, Matt explained: “I really wish I’d listened a lot more before I weighed in on this. I think ultimately what it is for me is I don’t want to further anybody’s pain with anything I do or say, so for that, I’m really sorry.

“[With] Time’s Up, a lot of those women are my dear friends, and I love them and respect them and support what they’re doing and want to be a part of that change and want to go along for the ride, but I should get in the backseat and close my mouth for a while.”

Last year, Matt backtracked on claims he had known nothing about the accusations against Harvey Weinstein prior to actresses coming forward with their stories earlier this year.

He also spoke out to address rumours he’d been responsible for “shutting down” a story that would have blown the lid off the movie mogul’s misconduct.