‘Hard Sun’ Episode 2: 8 Questions We Have Following The Latest Instalment

First things first: We know that the whole of ‘Hard Sun’ series one is currently on iPlayer.

It’s just that, sometimes, watching television the traditional way can be pretty fun, so we’re taking it slow and rationing the episodes to one a week.

And quite frankly, there’s so much going on that need a lay down as the ‘Hard Sun’ credits roll.

Episode two was no different to the series opener, with murders, reveals and secrets aplenty. And with four episodes of ‘Hard Sun’ still to watch, there’s no telling how things will end.

Here are eight questions we have after the second instalment…

1. How did Hicks and Renko decide to bury the hatchet?

Episode one ended with Agyness Deyn’s character beating up her boss and the opening scenes of episode two then saw her leak the Hard Sun documents to a news organisation, while Hicks and his wife were captured.

When the action then fast-forwarded four weeks, it was revealed the pair had patched up their differences and started working together again. How did the conversation about it all go down?

2. How many more Hard Sun “truther” murders will there be?

Hicks is certain that there will be more criminals like the one who dominated episode two, but just how many will take place? Surely they can’t continue at this rate?

3. When is Hicks’ baby due?

We know this might seem slightly besides the point, but it’s easy to forget that the DCI and his wife, Simone, have a new son or daughter coming, what with all the “Oh-my-God-the-end-of-the-world-is-coming!” drama.

A new baby will be a very big deal – especially as the world is going to end in five years – and becoming a dad again could change Hicks’ outlook on the world.

4. When will his wife find out about the affair?

Mari Butler’s young son has now seen Hicks emerging from his mum’s bedroom and at this point, we’re pretty sure MI5 know about Hicks’ extramarital activities too. All of this – plus the fact secrets never stay secret in TV Land – suggest Simone will find out the truth at some point soon.

5. When will Renko hear Daniel’s message?

She clearly has other things on her mind at the moment, but Renko’s son is spot on with his guess that officials are lying about Hard Sun. His mental health is clearly suffering and the mystery visit from MI5 probably won’t do much to quell his fears. Which brings us to…

We all saw what nearly happened to Hicks’ pregnant wife, so it’s unlikely Daniel would be shown any mercy. The episode closed with the mystery woman from MI5 arriving at the facility he lives in. Will she simply have questions to ask, or could her arrival signal that something far worse is set to take place?

7. What evidence did Renko receive?

Her deal with the police – agreeing to get Hicks for Alex Butler’s murder in order to keep her son out of prison – was revealed, but she made little ground in her secret investigation. That is until the last few minutes, when evidence was sent through to her phone. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out what it is.

8. How is Renko always wearing a hoodie for work when everyone else looks so smart?

No judgement here, Those hoodies look seriously cosy. But with Hicks always sporting a suit and their colleagues looking similarly smart, how does Renko get away with her stylish, sport-luxe look? No, it’s not exactly a pressing issue, but a question we’re asking all the same.