Britain First Supporter Marek Zakrocki Jailed For Driving At Curry House

A Britain First supporter has been jailed for 33 weeks at the Old Bailey after he drove at a curry house owner in Harrow, north London, on the anniversary of the Brexit vote.

Window fitter, Marek Zakrocki, 48, was originally charged with attempted murder but pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and assaulting his wife.

He was arrested last year after a drunken rampage in which he drove at Kamal Ahmed, owner of Spicy Night, trying to pin him against the building.

<strong>Marek Zakrocki's wife alerted police after he assaulted her.</strong>

He drank two bottles of wine before the attack and had told a police officer calling from his wife’s phone that he was “going to kill a Muslim”.

He added: “I’m doing this for Britain. This is the way I am going to help the country.

“You people can’t do anything. I am going to do it my way because that is what I think is right.”

Speaking during the trial, prosecutor Denis Barry said: “Mr Zakrocki had plainly, during the course of that afternoon, had far too much to drink.

“During the course of that evening he assaulted his wife, drove off in his work vehicle, insulted a series of passers-by and then drove his vehicle at the owner of a curry house, breaking the window of the restaurant.

“It’s plain that his conduct is very likely to have been motivated by his views about our diverse society.”

Zakrocki had made donations to the far-right group, Britain First, and copies of the group’s newspaper and flyers were found at his home.