‘Star Wars’ Fan Who Set Up Petition Against ‘The Last Jedi’ Admits It Was ‘A Bad Idea’

A ‘Star Wars’ fan who launched a petition to have ‘The Last Jedi’ erased from the franchise’s history has admitted his campaign was “a bad idea”.

Henry Walsh, from Georgia in the US, was not impressed with Episode VIII, and called for it to be remade to his liking, also telling Disney to push back plans for Episode IX.

While the Change.org petition has been signed by 45,000 people, he has now had a change of heart, telling the petition’s supporters their aim was was “not healthy”. 

He also urged those who had signed his petition to go and look at other causes on both Change.org and GoFundMe that were more deserving.

Explaining how he wrote the petition when he was dosed up on painkillers after a vehicle accident, he wrote: “If I sit up for a long time it really starts hurting.

“So after spending the time to get to the movie, watch it, and get back, I was in ridiculous pain. I was frustrated and medicated.

“So, I made this petition. It was a bad idea at the time and I feel that we are pooling our efforts in not a healthy direction.”

Henry continued: “While supporting this petition is important, and I too have a deep love for ‘Star Wars’, I recommend we maybe send this in a new direction.

“There are tons of people, and causes, who need help, and we are here for ‘Star Wars’. I couldn’t get the help on GoFundMe to help pay for my surgery, and yet *this* gets this kind of attention?

“To the point that this petition has been in multiple news publications at this point? How many other people out there need help and can’t get attention?

“I’m not comfortable with that…” he said.

“I love all of the support, but we also know that Disney isn’t going to do anything, and with so many people, who have much better causes, who are struggling to gain attention, it is a shame that this is getting this level of media attention.

“So please, while we all love ‘Star Wars’, I urge every single supporter who signed this, to also take a few minutes to look at other petitions on Change.Org, ones that are important, or look at causes on GoFundMe. Places where we can make a difference that matters.”

You can read the petition in full here, but beware – the page does contain huge spoilers.