Christmas Map Show Events To Attend So No One Need Be Alone At Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a time spent with loved ones – but for some, for a range of reasons, this simply isn’t possible.

But thanks to an ingenious interactive map, those who don’t have anyone to spend the 25th with can find an event near them to celebrate.

The map, put together by Premier Christian Radio, shows venues around the UK which will be holding events for people to attend on Christmas Day, regardless of faith or background.

It also details whether venues can help with transportation and if there is any cost involved.

Chris Byland, a producer for Premier’s radio stations, told HuffPost UK that this year had seen a record number of venues (380 so far) registering to take part.

Byland said: “This is the 5th year we’ve run the Christmas Alone project across Premier’s radio stations and magazines, and I’ve been overwhelmed with the response from the UK churches, businesses and charities that have partnered and supported us this year – we can’t thank them enough.

Loneliness at Christmas particularly affects older people.

Earlier this month, Age UK said almost million elderly people said that feel lonelier over the festive period.

<strong>Being alone can be particularly difficult at Christmas</strong>

Broadcaster Loretta Andrews told HuffPost UK: “We hate the thought of anybody having to spend Christmas on their own.

“As the biggest Christian broadcaster in the UK, Premier’s position is unique, and has the ability to really make a difference in helping conquer loneliness and isolation, partnering people up so they have somewhere to spend Christmas day in the company of others.

“It’s our job as the Church and as Christians to look after people – Christmas Alone plays just a small part in trying to alleviate loneliness at a time of year when isolation is especially heightened.

“We have been so encouraged by those churches, communities and volunteers who are organising events this year. They really can be the difference in turning someone’s Christmas around, and 2017 seems to be the year that people across the UK have truly woken up to the absolute need.”