Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge’s Family Christmas Card Takes A Comedic Turn With Alternative Backdrops

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released their latest family photo for their 2017 Christmas card, but not everyone was impressed by the plain white backdrop.

People have edited the snap to feature alternative backgrounds ranging from outer space to the ‘Teletubbies’ set.

Ciara Knight (@Ciara_Knight), who works at Joe.co.uk, replied to Kensington Royal’s tweet of the snap with the new and improved backdrops – and people were here for it. 

(Click on each photo to see it in a bigger format)

Knight included an underwater scene and one where the family were near a polar bear.

Another Twitter user gave the royals a slightly more festive backdrop – but it’s nothing on the space scene.

And others have started to share their suggestions for what the Christmas card should have included.