Designer Jen Naillog Has Created A ’12 Days Of Christmas’ Collection With Decorations And Upcycled Garments

A designer who goes by the name Jen Nollaig has created a ’12 days of Christmas’ collection, revealing a new look on Instagram in the count down to the 25th. 

To say the 35-year-old mother is a fan of this particular holiday would be an understatement. Her borrowed surname is the Irish word for Christmas.

The designer uses Christmas decorations purchased in Euro stores and upcycles old garments to create her Crimbo couture. 

According to Jen, one only needs to pair an open mind with “a glue gun and some festive spirit.” 

“You can customise just about anything,” she told

“The possibilities are endless. I look at decorations and think, ‘How can I wear them rather than how they will look on my tree?’”

Jen has even named each of her looks in a nod to her love for all things festive. 

Scroll on to discover them.

‘Winter is Coming’


‘The Spirit of Disco Tinsel’

‘Lady Labyrinth’

‘Santa Cane’

‘Foiling In Love’


‘Winter Is Here’

One for her daughter: ‘Sparkle Heart’