Sports Personality Of The Year 2017: Mo Farah Was Upstaged By Two-Year-Old Son And People Loved It

Mo Farah was named Sports Personality Of The Year (SPOTY) 2017, but it was his kid who stole the show during his winning interview.

The long-distance runner, 34, was with his wife Tania Nell in London on a broadcast, while the ceremony took place in Liverpool.

When Farah and his wife went live, his two-year-old son – Hussein – was sat on his dad’s lap getting fidgety, calling for “Daddy”.

What a night for Mo Farah and his family. His young son Hussein was proving a handful earlier though ? #SPOTY 2017
When Farah sat his son on the sofa inbetween him and his wife, Hussein was having none of it and climbed back on his dad’s lap.

While still calling “Daddy”, the toddler then buried himself in his dad’s lap while he chatted to host Gabby Logan after his win.

“What a night for Mo Farah and his family,” the BBC tweeted. “His young son Hussein was proving a handful earlier though.”

Thankfully, people could totally see the funny side and wanted Hussein himself to win SPOTY.

Mo Farah’s kid deserves sports personality of the year for that performance ?? #SPOTY2017 #spoty #MoFarah
It doesn’t matter how many gold medals you win @Mo_Farah or how much of a legend you are, your kids will always bring you back down to Earth ? I’ve got no medals and am no legend but I feel your pain, Mo Farah! #spoty

December 17, 2017
Farah also suffered some technical glitches during the broadcast that evening. All in all, not the smoothest interview ever.

Farah and his wife are also parents to five-year-old twins Aisha and Amani. Farah is step-dad to Nell’s 11-year-old daughter Rhianna.