Kate Garraway’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Lift Attempt Provides Absolute Scenes On ‘Good Morning Britain’

There are two types of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ fans out there. There are those who watch the live shows’ impressive drops, lifts and spins through their fingers, waiting for the celebrity contestants’ feet to reach the floor again. And there are those who think, “I could do that!”

After seeing this clip from Friday’s (15 December) ‘Good Morning Britain’, we now know for sure that presenters Kate Garraway and Richard Arnold fall into the latter camp.

Following ‘Strictly’ finalists’ Joe McFadden and Katya Jones’ impressive core-based lift during last weekend’s live show, the ‘GMB’ team was left wondering whether they’d be able to pull something equally as impressive out of the bag for Saturday’s (16 December) performance.

Kate – who competed in ‘Strictly’ way back in 2007, making it more than halfway through before she was eliminated – decided to give it a bash, and to put it mildly, there was quite a scene, culminating in this…

This proves, if nothing else, that sometimes there is such a thing as “too early for a 10 from Shirley”.

Former contestant Judge Rinder appeared on the same show later, during which he and showbiz correspondent Richard Arnold also gave the move a go, and actually did a fairly good job of it.

Kate’s fellow ‘GMB’ host Susanna Reid also appeared on ‘Strictly’ back in 2013, and has since wasted no opportunity to prove she still has the moves.

Last year, Susanna gave an interview with former partner Kevin Clifton, and the two couldn’t resist the chance to dance together once again.

Months later, she gave a somewhat shakier performance live in front of the nation, as Ed Balls attempted to lift her above his head.

And by the way, for anyone wondering how that lift is supposed to look…