Nissan Reveals Signal Blocker To Stop People Texting And Driving

Mobile phone use while driving has become one of the fastest-growing offences of late.

Not only is it as dangerous as drink driving it also highlights the increasing need people feel to stay on top of their digital lives even when they should be focusing on something else.

Nissan has come up with a drastic, but admittedly very effective solution in the form of this:

Now at first glance you might be thinking that this is just a storage box, but what you’re looking at is a piece of Victorian technology.

It’s called the Signal Shield Concept and built into the lining of the compartment is a Faraday cage, blocking all wireless signals including WiFi and Bluetooth.

That means that the moment your phone goes into the storage box you’ve essentially gone off the grid. That means no distracting texts, Facebook alerts or phone calls.

As we said before, we know it’s a drastic solution but sometimes extreme situations call for extreme measures.

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Of course Nissan realises that it’s not for everyone, especially when the company and many other car manufacturers are actively doing more to integrate your smartphone’s capabilities into your car.

For some though, it’s the perfect break from the outside world.

“Some drivers are immune to the activity of their smartphone, but for those who struggle to ignore the beeps and pings, this concept provides a simple solution in this very ‘connected’ world we live in.” explained Alex Smith, Managing Director, Nissan Motor GB Ltd.

Sadly at the moment the shield is just a concept, but the fact that car companies are even thinking of making them highlights how serious the problem has become.

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