How To Burp A Baby: The Three Best Positions To Release Air From A Baby’s Stomach

A paediatrician has said many parents he sees have needlessly brought their babies to hospital when they just need to be burped more.

Dr Keir Shiels explained when a baby is fed, particularly from a bottle, air gets into the stomach. Burping is the best way to release it, to stop the baby getting indigestion.

He said there are three positions that are best to burp a baby.

“The first is a baby sat on your lap with their chin tucked into your hands,” he explained.

“Make sure you support the chin but don’t place your hand around the neck.

“Lean them slightly forward and rub and pat their back. This angle will allow air to move out of the top of the stomach and into the food pipe.”

For details on the other two positions, watch the video above.