‘The Chase’: Basil Brush Hailed As ‘The Greatest Contestant Ever’ In One Of 2017’s Most WTF? TV Moments

‘The Chase’ has offered up some truly memorable moments over the years, but Sunday’s celebrity edition of the show topped them all.

Not only did Basil Brush put in an appearance, but he also ended up smashing it.

Yep, where so many other celebs have tried and failed to impress us – and the Chaser – with their general knowledge, they’ve all been outwitted by a puppet.

After, ahem, outfoxing Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan in the head-to-head, Basil bagged £8,000 for his team, which included hockey player Sam Quek, TV presenter Andi Peters and writer Charlie Higson.

Basil’s appearance on the ITV game show didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter, with many viewers asking if they’d entered a parallel TV universe…

rest of the world: * up in flames * UK: basil brush is on the chase stop everything pic.twitter.com/kmGvNzMTRh
I’ve had a couple of drinks today. Could someone maybe confirm that Basil Brush is on Celebrity Chase?
Basil Brush on The Chase. You cannot get more of a typical British Sunday than that ?
Is Basil brush possibly the greatest ever contestant on @ITVChase ????
Says something when Basil Brush is cleverer than me on the Chase questions
Basil Brush smashing it on the chase, this is what i live for
Yes, Basil Brush did just win £23,000 on the chase. pic.twitter.com/4s1XBi0Fg7
I can’t believe Basil Brush just won The Chase. British TV really is something else.
‘The Chase’ Celebrity Specials are now available on ITV Hub.