Don’t Worry If You Don’t Have A Christmas Tree: Just Make Like These Beauty Gurus And Decorate Your Eyebrows

We may have spoken too soon when declaring 2017′s weirdest beauty trends, as this new eyebrow style definitely merits a mention. 

Although some may be grateful for the opportunity to have something else to make festive, the decking-of-eyebrows is perhaps an acquired taste. 

Regardless, props to these ladies for getting creative with a beauty trend – and doing it with good cheer.

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The method involves using gel to separate out the eyebrows and make them into peaks, then festoon them with your choice of gems and/or stickers. 

The trend was originally started by talented YouTuber Taylor R, who posted a look she created and shared it with her 320K Instagram followers. 

The caption read: “Christmas Tree Eyebrows Yes or No?  ” 

Most fans were into the look, so Taylor later shared a short snippet of the Christmas tree eyebrows tutorial. 

The trend soon picked up and others started to create their own versions. 

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It seems the trend is a hit with makeup lovers and Christmas enthusiasts alike. 

However, with the hectic nature of the holiday period and the many things that need doing, others might relate this post. 

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