The Best Solutions To The Northern Ireland Brexit Border Debacle

Claims that Northern Ireland could remain a member of the customs union and the single market as part of the UK’s European Union exit deal have prompted a series of exasperated attempts at making fun of the latest twist in the Brexit debacle. 

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has said it will not accept any agreement that “separates” Northern Ireland from the UK, but that hasn’t stopped people on social media trying to come up with solutions – both to make it happen, and get Britain out of Brexit altogether. 

1) The Zip Wire Solution

2) Re-location, Re-location, Re-location

Just like in the real estate game, Brexit is all about location.

With that in mind, this journalist says its time for London to up sticks. 

3) Schneider’s List

Comedy writer David Schneider really put some effort into his list, but given the complexity of the subject matter, HuffPost has illustrated his suggestions so you can see them working in action.

4) Brexit Means Brexit – 2.0

5) United We Stand…

Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts said the draft text of the deal – expected to be agreed on Monday – would see almost “full alignment” between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

However, the Irish government has said it will block any deal that leads to physical checks on the border amid fears it could endanger the Good Friday Agreement.

But such a deal could effectively see the EU border erected in the Irish Sea between the island of Ireland and mainland Britain.

“We will not accept any form of regulatory divergence which separates Northern Ireland economically or politically from the rest of the UK,” DUP leader Arlene Foster said.

6) Miller’s Crossing

Gina Miller, who took the Government to court over Brexit, used the Northern Ireland debate to make her point to remain – yet again. 

7) Baffling Brexit 

Channel 4 News journalist Krishnan Guru-Murphy wasn’t sure what the solution was but pondered what life in the UK would look like if the whole country lived under the same regulatory and customs framework and didn’t have a hard border with Ireland. 

8) Do As The IT Department Always Advises