How To Know If Your Baby Has Colic: Paediatrician Shares Advice On What It Is And How To Treat It

Colic is a term that is often misused to describe all babies who cry a lot.

Babies with colic do exhibit excessive, frequent crying, but for a very particular reason.

“The most likely cause of their crying is having air trapped,” explained paediatrician Dr Keir Shiels. “Air is swallowed during crying and feeding and can get trapped at the top of the stomach.”

The best solution, according to Dr Shiels, is to get the wind out with burping – watch the video above to find out why.

For more information on how to help a baby who may be uncomfortable laying flat due to air or milk in their stomach, read up on treating reflux.

‘Baby 101’ is HuffPost UK’s parenting video series with paediatrician, Dr Keir Shiels, addressing topics mums and dads may face in their first year of being a parent. From colic to trapped wind, crying babies and their nappy contents, he answers some of the most common questions new parents have.