The Last Day You Can Post Your Christmas Cards So They Arrive Before 25th December

The Royal Mail is exceptionally busy this time of year and now, you can track what your favourite postie is up to via the fist ever Royal Mail Christmas advent calendar.

The calendar details key dates you need to write in your diary, such as the last oversees and UK posting days before Christmas, alongside fun facts about the postal service.

To guarantee your Christmas cards arrive at their destined UK destination by 25th December, make sure you post them by 20th December if you’re using a second class stamp.

If you’re using a first class stamp you can get away with leaving postage a day later and popping them in the postbox on the 21st.

If you’re sending cards and gifts oversees you’re going to need to be a little more organised.

The last posting date for Africa and the Middle East is 2nd December while the last airmail day for western Europe is 16th December.

Happy posting!