Mocked By Cameron For His Suit, Now Jeremy Corbyn’s A GQ Cover Star

David Cameron once chastised him for dressing so shabbily the then Prime Minister’s mother would order him to “put on a proper suit [and] do up his tie”.

But now, wearing a perfectly-fitted Marks and Spencer two-piece with a bold, brilliantly red tie, Jeremy Corbyn’s a GQ cover star.

It’s a transformation befitting the tumult unleashed upon British politics since Cameron mocked his opponent during PMQs in February 2016.

At the time, the topic of controversy was whether or not Corbyn had sung the national anthem with appropriate gusto.

Little wonder then that January’s cover, previewed on Thursday ahead of its general release, is seen by many as symbolic of just how much things have changed.

Incredible what can happen in British politics in two years.
Not going to lie, thoroughly enjoying the parallel universe we’ve ended up in
I met Jeremy Corbyn twice before it was cool, and never did I imagine him as the sort of bloke who’d end up on the front of GQ ? There’s hope for us all.

November 30, 2017
Jeremy Corbyn on the cover of GQ’s best-dressed men issue wearing a knit tie: Things I didn’t ever expect to see.
Clever from Corbyn to appear in GQ, but wearing an M&S suit. Photo also shows how much smarter Corbyn looks now than in 2015
tfw you put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem
And, of course, not everyone was impressed with Corbyn’s apparent transformation. Some went as far as claiming a skilful hand was at play.
Tory MP on Corbyn’s GQ cover: ‘He’s airbrushing his face in the same way he airbrushes history’
The January/February 2018 issue of British GQ is released on Monday 4 December.