Kellogg’s Axed Ricicles And The Internet’s In Mourning

For some, Thursday 30 November marked a very sad day indeed: Kellogg’s announced it would be ditching Ricicles from its cereal family. Forever.

Most people haven’t eaten Ricicles in years and it’s arguably the least popular cereal in variety packs, but that didn’t stop the internet from being thrown into a state of shock and panic.

The move is part of the brand’s commitment to tackling obesity by slashing the amount of sugar in its cereals by up to 40%. Unfortunately, Ricicles couldn’t be saved.

Here are some of the most devastating (and also borderline hilarious) tweets in response to the news. It’s proof, if we needed it, that humans seriously don’t like change.

Some took inspiration from Freddie Mercury.

if Kellogg’s get rid of Ricicles then I don’t want to live on this fucking planet anymore. This is your fucking fault @realDonaldTrump
Goodbye Ricicles. It’s the end of Western civilisation…
Others were miffed, despite not eating them since childhood.
Me: I haven’t eaten Ricicles in 20 years [Kelloggs axes Ricicles] Me: LEAVE RICICLES THE FUCK ALONE
Some reminisced about Captain Rik’s unlikely style inspiration.
I cannae believe they’re doing away with Ricicles. Used to do some modelling work for them back in the day
Trap Jaw has just broke the news to me that Kelloggs are going to stop producing Ricicles and I haven’t been this upset since Beast Man shat himself in Poundland.

November 30, 2017
Some likened it to letting Hitler winning the war. 
@KelloggsUK I understand about cutting sugar levels but COME ON scrapping Ricicles is like letting Hitler Win the Second World War.
And others took time to appreciate it for the niche treat it was.
Sad to say goodbye to Ricicles. The cereal nobody ever bought but brought great delight when claimed from a variety pack #cereal

November 30, 2017
Some hypothesised whether Kelloggs could’ve just made it a bit healthier.
November 30 2017 will go down in history. The day that Kellogg’s said they were axing Ricicles. Couldn’t they just make them a bit healthier? Brown Ricicles? Basmati Ricicles?

November 30, 2017
@KelloggsUK what’s this I’m hearing about you lot getting rid of ricicles . Fuming !!
People thought 2016 was a bad year, but 2017 sees Kelloggs discontinuing Ricicles. RIP, sweet prince.
Mourning the loss of #ricicles Victim of the sugarphobes. (Yes, I know excessive sugar is bad, don’t write in)
RIP @KelloggsUK #ricicles . Another victory for lazy parents and something for the smug health bullies to gloat about. ?
I take the discontinuation of Ricicles personally and I mark this as an act of hatred & terrorism towards the UK. Captain Rik would be turning in his fucking grave.

November 30, 2017
My son will never know the sweet embrace of Ricicles 🙁 #Kelloggs @KelloggsUK
RIP to Ricicles, the best cereal I can never be bothered to buy. You will be missed.