This Is What Happens When Lightning Perfectly Strikes A Tree

Ever wanted to know what the entrance to hell looks like? Well stop the search, because we’ve found it for you. 

Deep in rural Missouri, the gates to the underworld have successfully lodged themselves inside an otherwise unsuspecting-looking tree.

The area in mid-west America, has been suffering with severe thunderstorms, and weather warnings over the weekend, and during one particularly bad spell an oak tree was struck by lightning.

After the storm passed, a photographer Janis Melton snapped a picture of the tree that is continuing to burn at the core but staying in tact on the outside.

People were keen to offer explanations for the bizarre phenomenon; saying that the heartwood or centre of the plant is dead and has very little moisture so is acting like a tinderbox. 

But the outside sapwood is still alive and full of water so doesn’t catch.

This also explains how forest fires can start during rainy seasons as the tree harbours the flames until the surrounding woodland dries out, when it spreads. 

Despite the perfectly reasonable explanation, the internet is still convinced there is something more sinister at work.

And tbh we’re inclined to agree.

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