This Is What Happens When You Buy Your Dad A Playstation

People might chastise children for becoming too involved with their video games, spending hours physically attached to the console and developing square eyes as a result. 

But surely adults are too sensible to let themselves fall into the gaming trap?

Well it seems not, that is after one Reddit user, ‘UninformativeComment’, found his dad sitting on the floor playing his PlayStation 4.

He shared a photo with the caption; “My dad just got a PS4. Came back to find my dad had regressed into a child.”

Not only is he barely a foot away from the TV but he isn’t even sitting on a chair, and instead has found a cushion to perch upon. 

Commenter ‘basscyst’ said: “This is proper console gaming position. He’s not regressing, he’s just experienced.”

Another, joemartin746, added: “This position died when wireless controllers were invented. I don’t know his dad’s age. It that was NES era until the magical invention of PS1 extenders. After that it was pretty much wireless all the way and you could sit comfortably on your couch.”

Oh dad, your back is going to hurt in the morning. 

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