‘Blue Planet II’ Lakes Fact Leaves Viewers Stunned

It’s no secret that ‘Blue Planet II’ frequently offers up totally mind-blowing and “WTF?!” facts, but one in particular had viewers stunned on Sunday (5 November).

In the latest episode of Sir David Attenborough’s show, it was revealed that there are lakes at the bottom of the ocean. Yup. Actual lakes, in the sea:

For many viewers, this news was a lot to take in…

The current series of ‘Blue Planet’ sees Attenborough and his team make a number of new discoveries, filming aquatic life forms that, until now, had not been known to scientists.

Speaking to HuffPost UK, one of the production team members previously said that this is a pretty daunting task, admitting: “I’m always scared. I normally shut my eyes because I’m so scared!”