Theresa May Reveals She Knows Of Unreported Westminster Sexual Harassment Allegations

Theresa May has revealed she has been told of further incidents of sexual harassment in Westminster that have yet to be reported in the media.

The prime minister was asked on Monday if she could “hand on heart” promise that she was not aware of any of the claims that have emerged over the last two weeks.

“A number of stories have appeared the press, a number of issues were raised with me that didn’t appear in the press,” the prime minister said.

May was answering a question from the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg at the CBI conference in London.

The prime minister added: “You’ve seen action has been taken. A number of people have been referred to the Conservative Party grievance procedure.

“And a number of people have been referred to the Cabinet Secretary when they are in ministerial positions.”

May’s admission that she is aware of allegations that have not been made public came as her close ally Damian Green faced fresh calls to step aside.

The first secretary state is being interviewed on Monday as part of a Cabinet Office investigation which has been expanded to include claims that pornography was found on one of his parliamentary computers in 2008.

Green, who is effectively the prime minister’s deputy, has strongly denied the claims.

Tory MP Heidi Allen on Sunday joined fellow backbencher Anna Soubry in calling for Green to step aside from his job while the investigation was carried out.

Four other Tory MPs have been referred to the party’s newly established disciplinary committee regarding allegations against them.

May is due to meet with Jeremy Corbyn and other party leaders on Monday afternoon for talks on how to try and crackdown on sexual abuse in Westminster.