Cuffing Season – Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful!

The weather is getting colder (or at least wetter) and for many singles finding love takes a turn for the panicked. For singletons, the winter months spell the time for finding someone to spend those long winter nights with in front of the TV with a cup of something warm and, most likely, chocolatey. But why are singletons programmed to find someone over the autumn and winter period? Is it the pressure of the elderly aunt loudly asking at Christmas Dinner why you are single? Or is it a natural human need to have someone to cuddle up with when it gets cold? Either way, Happn, the dating app, has come up with the best ways to shake off those winter blues and get yourself out there (preferably with gloves and a bobble hat).

1. Christmas
The highlight of the winter season. The shining light in the middle of what tends to be a pretty miserable, at least meteorologically speaking, time of the year. So, take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity that Christmas and all festivities that go with it offer. From walking around Christmas Markets to ice skating in city centres, you’ll often find activities and people springing up around you.

2. Take up a new hobby or sport
You don’t have to wait for all your friends to start saying ‘New Year, New Me!’ to get out there and start doing something a bit different. Whether it’s a sport you used to play which got put on the ‘back burner’ and left there or a hobby you just can’t find the time for any more. Take the opportunity that the short days offer and get out and rekindle that passion, be it a sport, painting or going to the gym – after all sitting outside in a pub is a lot less appealing in the winter. Doing sports or activities will help you meet new people with similar interests.

3. Weekend Breaks
If you have been storing up those holiday days at work, or even if you haven’t, there is no better time to go and see a new city. Flights are cheaper, hotels are less busy and walking around a city in the cold can be bracingly enjoyable. Plus, holiday romance isn’t just for the summer, despite what Grease may have led you to believe, and going and seeing other cultures and countries can be one of the best ways of finding out what it is you really want, in a person or in life in general. It’ll help give you some perspective and maybe remind you that there’s no need to rush into something this winter and instead enjoy yourself and keep looking.

4. Shopping
Going shopping for many is a therapeutic experience, perhaps not so much when the sales are in full swing but, hey, it’s 40% off. If you can drag yourself away from the clothes shops perhaps a trip to a book shop or a music store will be a nice change of pace. This has the added advantage of finding people who share a common interest with you and they are generally quieter, less crowded places than the huge TopShop on the high street. They also offer the ideal atmosphere to get to know someone and talk about something you are both passionate about.

5. Live Sport, Music or Theatre
Going out and enjoying your favourite sport in the cold is a great way of getting out there and meeting people you may not get to chat to in your normal walk of life and almost certainly wouldn’t have met sat on the sofa watching the Xtra Factor. And speaking of talent shows, if sport isn’t your thing maybe some live music or theatre might be more up your street. Meeting people who enjoy what you enjoy is key to any relationship, platonic or romantic, so these events are great places to start looking. There’s always something to tickle your fancy and maybe someone to tickle it too.