Nando’s Is Trialling A Home Delivery Service Across The UK

Long-lasting Nando’s fans will know the pain of having to drive to the nearest restaurant to pick up a takeaway – not ideal when you have a 35-minute trip for your nearest chicken fix.

Now you can save yourself some time and petrol money as the restaurant chain has revealed it’s trialling home deliveries across the UK. 

Yes that means Peri Peri chicken, on demand, in your PJs. 

Nando’s already offers home delivery in London via Deliveroo, however the rest of the nation has had to wait patiently for such advancements.

Now, however, their time has come.

The restaurant chain has teamed up with numerous third-party delivery companies to launch the trial and is charging £2.50 for delivery. It’s worth noting that if your order doesn’t exceed £15, you’ll be charged an extra £2, and the service excludes frozen products and alcoholic drinks.

As can be expected, the news has gone down rather well on social media, with many praising the trial.

The service does however have its limits, as some locations still don’t get to benefit from home delivery.

A spokesperson for Nando’s told HuffPost UK the restaurant is offering delivery from 69 restaurants nationwide, with new delivery sites launching regularly. 

Click here to see whether Nando’s is delivering to your area.