Liam Gallagher’s ‘Celebrity GoggleBox’ Appearance Was Everything We Hoped It’d Be

We were delighted when Liam Gallagher was announced as one of the participants in this year’s ‘Celebrity Gogglebox’ and when the episode aired on Friday (3 November), he did not disappoint.

The former Oasis rocker appeared on the Stand Up To Cancer special alongside his mum, Peggy, and son Gene, and naturally, he was on fine form.

During his appearance, Liam’s typically to-the-point criticisms on everything from David Attenborough’s ‘Blue Planet II’ to Nigella Lawson’s recipes had viewers in stitches:

Howling at celebrity googlebox. Line of the show so far ‘where did she get her garlic from? God’ ??. Also @liamgallagher ??????
Can Liam Gallagher be a permanent thing on gogglebox
liam gallagher on gogglebox about david attenborough “he’s like god ain’t he, he’s got that god vibe” i acc luv liam
Just watched celebrity gogglebox ????? absolute quality never laughed so much @liamgallagher @example @edsheeran @bignarstie
The only bit I enjoyed from tonight’s #Gogglebox was when Liam Gallagher called Maggie Smith “thingy from that thingy” Best part for me?
He also made a seriously unexpected personal revelation:
Liam Gallagher reveals he can’t swim. Lets hope he never falls into… an oasis.@liamgallagher #Gogglebox #SU2C
The show ended on an emotional note though, as one of Channel 4’s Stand Up To Cancer appeal videso rendered the rocker silent:
My heart was shredded #Gogglebox rest easy little one. Liam Gallagher pulling his son close, no words ?
@C4Gogglebox @liamgallagher @StandUp2C #emotionalrollercoaster #fuckcancer
literally let out a muffled sob when you hugged your boy. #Gogglebox ❤️
The episode also featured Jeremy Corbyn and Jessica Hynes, along with Freddie Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp.