Why Starting A Business Doesn’t Have To Mean Quitting Your Job

When I look back at the last 18 months, from when my coaching business got started to where I am now, I can’t quite believe the transformation.

Back then it was just an idea floating around in my head and now it’s a living, breathing creation that I can’t wait to get up and work on every day.

The process has been one of huge growth and change, but it wasn’t an instant, overnight switch from one career to another. Instead it was a gradual process which gained momentum as my knowledge and confidence grew.

I definitely didn’t have it all figured out before I quit my job. I didn’t have a perfect website, or a full roster of clients, or thousands of pounds of savings in the bank (though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that last part, a larger savings cushion would have definitely helped!).

What I did do was start to experiment with my business whilst I was still in my 9-5. No pressure, just testing out ideas, networking, learning and getting a feel for how I liked to work, what I was good at, and what kinds of services people most needed.

And that’s what I would recommend for you too. The key is stop overthinking it and start getting your hands dirty. This will help you get over your fear of ‘making the giant leap’ because in fact you can just begin with small steps. Now doesn’t that feel better and SO much less scary?

So here are some low pressure tips for testing out your business idea whilst still in your 9 to 5:

Create a blog or a Facebook group in order to start sharing ideas around your chosen field and build a following (who may turn into paying clients when you’re ready to officially launch).
Try offering your services for free in exchange for feedback and testimonials (then use that feedback to tweak your services).
Start signing up for courses in areas where you feel a bit clueless, you’d be amazed what you can teach yourself (I thought I would have to spend hundreds of pounds on having a website designed for me. Instead I found an online course for £200 which showed me how to create my own on Squarespace and I did it in a weekend!)
You may not know anyone else who wants to start a business, so find some networking events for startups to provide you with an instant support network and also valuable advice.
It’s amazing what these small shifts can lead to. Just imagine where you might be a year from now, if you continue to take these small steps every day.

I believe in you 100%. Keep going and be brave; you’re in good company.